Industrial Minerals January 2012 Issue features an article titled ‘Quartz in the spotlight’.

ANZAPLAN has long standing experience in X-ray analysis and was one of the first laboratories in Germany to use both X-ray fluorescence and X-ray diffraction analysis to answer the most intricate questions of our demanding customers from the raw material, glass and ceramics industry. Previously a quantification of mineralogical phases was only possible by a combination of both methods which required time-consuming calibration and sample preparation and made prompt results impossible.

Rare earths supplier Lynas Corporation faces delays for the planned Malaysian plant and will now come on line during the first half of 2012.

To be up to speed ANZAPLAN follows with great interest the developments in the Rare Earth sector.

ANZAPLAN attended the eleventh Rare Earth Conference in Beijing, China to follow-up the latest developments in the Rare Earth sector.

ANZAPLAN will follow up the latest developments in the rare earth sector on the eleventh Rare Earth Conference (September 14th to 17th, 2011) in Beijing, China.

On May 26th ANZAPLAN is presenting new processing concepts for improving Lithium mineral resources efficiency.

Today analytical services are more and more important for the production of glass.

ANZAPLAN has been engaged by Nordic Mining ASA to carry out advanced chemical analysis on the Nesodden quartz.

The Comité Européen des Fabricants de Sucre (CEFS) has announced ANZAPLAN to be the reference laboratory for sugar factory lime (SFL) analysis during REACH registration.

ANZAPLAN provides two new papers for downloading.

Mintech Chemical Industries (Kwinana, Western Australia) is cooperating with ANZAPLAN during the establishment of Australia’s first lithium carbonate plant.

On Januar 20th 2011, ANZAPLAN presents the most recent developments in rare earths projects and applications.

ANZAPLAN has been recommended as reference laboratory by the German Association of Gypsum (Bundesverband der Gipsindustrie e.V.) to perform the chemical analysis required for the REACH Registration.

UMG struggling with quality at the PHOTON´s 8th Solar Silicon Conference in Stuttgart.

Minerals Engineering has published a new article by ANZAPLAN.

On April 27th ANZAPLAN will provide a global overview on high purity quartz for silicon production at the PHOTON´s 8th Solar Silicon Conference in Stuttgart.

ANZAPLAN to attend the Minor Metals Conference in London.

Coming soon:

Technical Note in Minerals Engineering Journal: New concepts for lithium minerals processing.

One hot topic on 2010 PIM conference in Istanbul was ANZAPLAN’s discussion on processing lithium minerals sourced from pegmatite.