Made in USA - Westwater Resources engaging ANZAPLAN for product development to meet American battery demand

Westwater Resources (WWR) has engaged ANZAPLAN to accelerate product development and design its graphite pilot program for purifying graphite concentrates and producing WWR’s battery grade products. These include Purified Micronized Graphite (ULTRA-PMGTM), Delaminated Expanded Graphite (ULTRA-DEXDGTM) and Coated Spherical Purified Graphite (ULTRA-CSPGTM).

The test work and sample production ANZAPLAN will perform includes flake graphite purification, spheroidization and expansion. ANZAPLAN and WWR will collaborate to scale up laboratory sample production to pilot scale production rates, through new work anticipated to be executed over the next 8 months including:

  • Defining the method, equipment and operating parameters and requirements for graphite purification;
  • Defining operating parameters and equipment for processes required to manufacture WWR’s battery graphite products; and
  • Designing WWR’s pilot program.

Christopher M. Jones, President and Chief Executive Officer, said, “Partnering with Dorfner Anzaplan provides a significant advantage to Westwater in the development of battery graphite materials for customer testing. With this arrangement with Dorfner Anzaplan, Westwater is taking significant steps forward in becoming the next US-based producer of battery-grade graphite products for the energy storage industry.”

Dr. Reiner Haus, Managing Director of Dorfner Anzaplan commented: “We are pleased to provide our expertise to the most advanced natural flake graphite project in the United States and bring the project to the next level. Participating in the development processes of Westwater Resources’ Coosa Graphite Project is a privilege.”

For more information please visit our website and you can download our graphite white papers here.