ANZAPLAN and Exawatt announce launch of “The global market for high-purity quartz 2021-2030” report

ANZAPLAN and Exawatt are excited to announce that their report “The global market for high-purity quartz 2021-2030” is now available for purchase. The report focuses on providing comprehensive insight into the high-purity quartz market, its key characteristics, and demand growth forecasts for high-purity quartz application sectors.

The ANZAPLAN/Exawatt high-purity quartz report provides detailed market intelligence for this strategically critical commodity by combining ANZAPLAN’s many years of experience in high-purity quartz project development with Exawatt’s cutting-edge market analysis and knowledge in high-purity quartz application fields.

High-purity quartz has a pivotal role in sectors such as semiconductor and photovoltaics manufacturing. The current and expected growth in these sectors, vital for ongoing progress in renewable energy and other decarbonization-related industries and high-technology sectors, will be the driver of a significant increase in high-purity quartz demand. Current high-purity quartz reserves may not be able to fully serve the needs of these growing markets, intensifying the need to identify and develop new high-purity quartz sources.

Here are a few points which are discussed in the report:

  • High-purity quartz (HPQ) is a critical raw material in a wide range of high-tech applications, vital for ongoing progress in energy and mobility transition
  • The current and projected growth in these sectors, will cause a significant increase in HPQ demand
  • The solar photovoltaic (PV) sector and semiconductor market are the key driver of growth
  • Particularly for PV, demand will double in volume and almost triple in revenue until 2030
  • Industry is poised for intensifying the requirement to enhance production capacity and develop new HPQ sources

ANZAPLAN and Exawatt’s HPQ market report is of particular value to junior miners, mining companies engaged in HPQ project development, financial investors such as investment funds, private equity, or institutional investors, and specialized machinery manufacturers, as well as for companies interested in diversifying their operations.

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