ANZAPLAN announces the collaboration with the British company Sunrise Resources plc. for a test work programme of diatomite samples from their County Line Diatomite deposit in Nevada, US.

The “Deutsche Arbeitskreis für Angewandte Spektroskopie (DASp)“ is organizing a meeting on X-ray fluorescence and spark emission spectrometry and related methods of solid analysis.

ANZAPLAN announces the collaboration with Canadian based company AVALON RARE METALS Inc. for processing test work targeting the beneficiation of lithium ore including the evaluation of valuable byproducts from AVALON RARE METALS’ Separation Rapids Lithium-Tantalum Project, a world class lithium minerals deposit.

Sensor-Based Sorting (SBS) is a highly efficient technology finding widespread application in both primary and secondary resource industries.

There is a strongly growing demand for High Purity Alumina (HPA) mainly driven by the booming LED market sector.

Based on new and highly efficient Rietveld Refinement a tool for fast evaluation of lithium mineral deposits has been developed including full characterization of spodumene, petalite and lepidolite resources, determine the Li2O content and identify options for valuable by-products to further improve sustainability of mining activity and the overall cost base.

There was a common perception of most promising demand scenarios for graphite and its two-dimensional descendant graphene with a wide range of future applications at the conference in New York, held on the 25-26th last month.

SWERF and Chloride are now available for download.

ANZAPLAN, as a service company in the high purity minerals and metals business, has supported its customers in the development of specialty minerals projects for years.

PCC is an internationally operating group of companies under the leadership of PCC SE (formerly PCC AG) based in Duisburg, Germany. The Group generates sales in the three divisions: Chemicals, Energy and Logistics: Today PCC employs more than 2,800 staff at 32 sites in 16 countries.

Fluorspar, being one of the 14 critical materials listed by the EU is part of our business with strong specialization on strategic minerals and metals.

Recent developments in the Middle East’s minerals sector draw attention to the uses for minerals and emerging markets as the audience and speakers explore the forefront of the changing landscape of industrial minerals in the Middle East.

Silica Value Chain in KSA

Anzaplan MD Dr. Reiner Haus has been invited to provide several lectures at the Workshop „Silica Value Chain“, organized by the Research and Studies Department of the Saudi Geological Survey, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. More than 30 participants of most leading quartz and silica sand companies as well as decision making governmental organizations were meeting in Jeddah for in depth discussion on topics covering silica sand, specialty silicas, quartz and the silicon business.

A new white paper on Anzaplan’s services in Lithium recovery from Mica is now available for download.

A new white paper on rare earths extraction from bastnaesite is now available for download.

A new white paper on Anzaplan’s services in REE extraction from phosphate minerals is now available for download.

ANZAPLAN is pleased to offer continuous furnace technology for thermal treatment at high purity and high temperature with batches up to several hundreds of kilogram under most realistic conditions.

In July 2012, Spectra Mining Ventures Limited from Lusaka, Zambia, commisioned Anzaplan to evaluate diatomite samples from Zambia for high value applications in the filtration and paints industries.

Anzaplan has been engaged by Galileo Resources Plc for its Glenover Project area in Waterberg region in the western part of Limpopo Province of South Africa

At MetalBulletin´s Minor Metals conference in London, February 2013, Sharp Health and Energy Technology Group presented its current strategy of developing new energy solutions with existing and closer to market energy storage technologies. Main growth applications are detailed in the automotive and stationary energy storage systems. Storage Market size of European domestic / residential energy storage solution will face a sharp rise from less than 200 million Euros in 2012 to more than 1 Billion…