ANZAPLAN presenting at M.Plan International’s Webinar “Overcoming Pitfalls in Specialty Mineral and Metal Projects”

M.Plan International is hosting a webinar series highlighting the implications of specialty projects. The second webinar in this series devoted to the topic “Overcoming Pitfalls in Specialty Mineral and Metal Projects” took place October 14th and 15th, 2020.

During the webinar key factors for project development best practices were presented.

M.Plan International managing director Mr. David Anonychuk started the session by giving an introduction to his company as well as its co-presenting shareholding companies Micon International and ANZAPLAN and their involvement and expertise in the specialty mineral and metal projects.

Mr. Anonychuk focused on outlining what differentiates specialty mineral and metal and industrial mineral projects from base commodities. He stressed the significantly rising interest and attraction that these projects are currently experiencing with the advent of electromobility and the related surging demand for specialties.

Following this introduction to the topic Mr. Nigel Fung (Vice President of Mining, Micon International) gave some insight into the mining aspects of specialty minerals and metals with valuable tips on best practices in specialty project development.

Dr. Christian Graf (Business Unit Director, ANZAPLAN) then provided concrete examples on how to handle the complexity of specialty mineral and metals beneficiation through the understanding of specific ore textures in lithium and graphite, type of pay minerals in REE and lithium clay deposits and the importance of type of impurities in quartz and graphite ores.

The webinar was finally rounded off by a Q&A Session in which questions from the audience were discussed.

The webinar will be available for streaming shortly. Contact us, and we will send you a link as soon as we have it uploaded.