REE and lithium/mica: Presentations at PDAC

During the PDAC 2023 Convention, Dr. Reiner Haus, Chairman of M.Plan International and Managing Director of ANZAPLAN and Dr. Sebastian Prinz, Director Business Development of ANZAPLAN provided insights with presentations titled “Five stumbling blocks in developing a REE (rare earth element) deposit” and “Challenges and solutions towards BG lithium compounds from mica”.

With M.Plan being a full service provider in specialty minerals, metals and high value industrial minerals, the first presentation focused on key aspects of REE project development such as geology, mineralogy, processing, market and financing determining the economics of rare-earth ore deposits.

ANZAPLAN is a full-service specialist in technical consultancy and process engineering with i.a. special knowledge and experience in processing lithium mica minerals. The second presentation therefore was shedding some light on processing and purification steps from the lithium mica ore to the production of battery grade lithium compounds of lithium carbonate and lithium hydroxide.

If you are interested in receiving a copy of the presentation please contact sebastian.prinz[at]