Promising analysis of Nesodden quartz, Norway

ANZAPLAN has been engaged by Nordic Mining ASA to carry out advanced chemical analysis on the Nesodden quartz. Due to the positive results processing tests are planned to make High Purity Quartz products that meet market specifications. There is a growing demand for HPQ in high tech industry applications such as semiconductors, telecommunication, optics, electronics, and solar silicon. Detailed mapping and sampling of the deposit will be carried out jointly with NTNU during the summer of 2011.

The Nesodden deposit consists of at least 2.7 million tons of hydrothermal quartz located by the Hardanger fjord in Kvinnherad municipality in western Norway. The quartz appears in a 600 meter long and on average 12 meter wide quartz vein reaching to at least 150 meters depth.
Nordic Mining holds the rights to investigate and develop the deposit.


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