New White Paper on “Cobalt Processing” online

Cobalt finds application in many different industries; main uses are in batteries (49 %) and superalloys (18 %). The majority of the presently employed Li ion batteries contain cobalt as an essential component. While many copper and nickel mines are reducing their production output with the presently depressed nickel and copper prices, at the same time a strong increase in demand for cobalt is seen in the battery industries due to the imminent rise of electromobility and energy storage systems.

ANZAPLAN is deeply involved in process development going up to finished cobalt chemical products of commercial quality serving as a feedstock for e.g. Li-ion battery production. Besides mineral beneficiation we have extensive experience in hydrometallurgical processes including precipitation, crystallization, ion exchange, solvent extraction and filtration processes playing a key role in the production of cobalt intermediates as well as base and fine chemical products.

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