New Nb / Ta white paper online

A new white paper on the hydrometallurgy of niobium / tantalum ores is now available for download.
Niobium and tantalum are rare elements occurring in paragenesis, when found in nature. Both are frequently encountered in rare element pegmatites (e.g. lithium pegmatites) which are rich in incompatible elements and can be a valuable byproduct supporting the overall cost structure of the operation. Due to their close linkage production typically covers both elements.

Hydrometallurgical treatment of niobium and tantalum is challenging, since both elements are highly refractory. While some niobium compounds can be dissolved in sulfuric acid, the only mineral acid tantalum can be dissolved in is hydrofluoric acid. The white paper is meant to shed a light on the decomposition of Nb/Ta ores and separation of both minerals.

For further information on “Nb/Ta Extraction“, please click here.