Materials Valley e.V. Workshop on Rare Earth Elements

While partnering the Materials Valley e.V. Workshop “Rare earths – their importance for the industrialized world” at Heraeus Holding in Hanau on January 20th 2011, ANZAPLAN presents the most recent developments in rare earths projects and applications.


A few years ago only insider knew about the importance of rare earth elements (REE). However, without these metals our high tech society comes to a stop. REE have been steadily growing in importance because of their value in many cutting-edge technologies such as automotive catalytic converters, phosphors for computer monitors and lightning, chemicals and petroleum refining catalysts, pharmaceuticals, permanent magnets and metallurgical additives and alloys.

In the near future the use of rare earth elements will increase due to emerging zero emission automobiles (e-mobility), ultra capacity wind turbines, sub-light-speed computer processors and superconductors. Today’s supply of REE is limited due to China’s monopoly position as a producer of more than 95% of the world production. Recent developments indicate the reduction of REE exports from China due to the growing domestic demand (read more). For this reason there is substantial exploration and evaluation of REE deposits around the world.

The Materials Valley Workshop “Rare earths – their importance for the industrialized world” will present the complete value chain of REE today, from the mining of REE containing rocks to the final high tech uses in today’s and future applications. The introduction to mining and processing of REE will be presented by Dr. Reiner Haus, Managing Director of ANZAPLAN, including background information on REE deposits, processing technology and future market developments.

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