Impressions from the RARE EARTHS 2011 Conference, Beijing

A wealth of new and upcoming REE-projects worldwide has been boosted by the continued tightening of chinese rare earths export regulations. A focus is on the highly remunerative HREE-bearing deposits because HREE’s are sparse and widely used in high value applications. Each single project has an REE-bearing deposit of unique mineralogical composition and a highly competent partner in the evaluation and development of appropriate tailor-made processing and extraction procedures for the rare earths is key- a perfect match with the services offered by Anzaplan!
Again it was very welcome to meet with our customers for discussion and the finalizing of contracts. Anzaplan could set up new contacts, as clients have shown high interest in Anzaplan’s analytical and engineering services ( The conference was completed by a field trip to Baotou, the center of world rare earth production, including an interesting visit of Baotou Xinyuan Rare Earth Hi-Tech Newly-material Co., Ltd, a producer of Rare earth oxide powders, Inner Mongolia Baotou Steel Rare Earth Magnetic Materials Co. Ltd, a facility for the production of magnets and the China Rare Earth Information Center.

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