High purity quartz: under the spotlight

Industrial Minerals January 2012 Issue features an article titled ‘Quartz in the spotlight’. With an estimated market size of 100,000 tpa, and intrinsic ties to the semiconductor and photovoltaic cell markets, high purity quartz is the downplayed strategic mineral of the green technology boom.
The article delivers insight into the high purity quartz market by discussing different high purity quartz qualities as the Iota purity benchmark and the requirements for the respective applications. The major players in the niche market of high purity quartz and interviews with key figures as e.g. Dr. Reiner Haus (ANZAPLAN) and Svein Olerud (The Quartz Corp.) in the high purity quartz business are presented.
The processing requirements and technologies to achieve certain qualities, promising new projects and markets in the high purity sector are highlighted. Alternative developments of less costly processing routes in the solar silicon sector such as direct reduction or upgraded metallurgical silicon route are also covered.

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