Downstream Application Testing for Graphmada flake graphite

ANZAPLAN has been appointed by Australian based Bass Metals Ltd. to conduct extensive test work on flake graphite concentrates from its Graphmada project in Madagascar.

Madagascar has been a recognised producer and exporter of high quality flake graphite since 1907 and sets the world standard due to its high proportion of coarse flake, uniform thickness, toughness and cleanliness. Madagascar is also reputed to have some of the world’s largest resources of crystalline flake graphite.

ANZAPLAN is evaluating the suitability of the Graphmada flake graphite for different high value applications. High quality and large flake graphite is sought after as a valuable base material for use in markets such as booming high tech applications including e.g. energy storage (LIB) or in advanced applications which exploit the unique properties of expandable graphite.

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