Conceptual Study for an Expandable Graphite Plant

ANZAPLAN has been awarded by Australian based flake graphite producer Bass Metals (“BSM”) Ltd to carry out a conceptual study for an expandable graphite plant determining the key cost items with regard to BSM’s intended expandable graphite plant. The expandable graphite segment faces strong growth largely driven by a rise in demand from the construction industry and in consumer electronic equipment.

BSM is a large-flake graphite producer developing downstream expandable graphite manufacturing. The company owns 100% of the Graphmada Graphite Mine in Madagascar. It has a production capacity of 6,000 tonnes per annum producing > 94% fixed carbon at > 75% recovery. According to JORC the deposit was estimated to contain approximately 382 kt of natural flake graphite.

Target of ANZAPLAN’s study is develop a cost estimation for setting up an expandable graphite plant. Basic Operations in the manufacturing process for expandable graphite include mixing of the natural flake graphite with an intercalation agent, filtration, washing and neutralization, drying, screening and bagging.

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