ANZAPLAN to attend the 7th RARE EARTHS Conference, in Hong Kong on November 15th-17th, 2011

To be up to speed ANZAPLAN follows with great interest the developments in the Rare Earth sector. The seventh Rare Earth Conference in Hong Kong, China, is organized by Metal Events Ltd and Roskill Information Services Ltd and will be attended by participants representing all the major global producers, end-users, traders, investors and funds. The program is focused chiefly on end-use markets for rare earths and consumption trends, while reviewing supply-side developments.
In contrast to BeijingĀ“s event, processing becomes a major topic in this conference. ANZAPLAN is one of the leading companies in the field of development of tailor-made processing strategies for specialty minerals with renowned expertise.
This conference will be a welcome opportunity to meet our customers, set up long-term relationships and discuss the actual status and opportunities for the development of new projects.
The organizers are expecting 300 delegates from all key players in the rare earth market.