ANZAPLAN supporting the Sarytogan Graphite Project

The Sarytogan Graphite Project is located in the Karaganda region of Central Kazakhstan. It is located in the industrial mining area and is connected by highway to Karaganda city (190 km) and to the capital Astana (390 km). The exploration concession covers more than 70 km2.

The Sarytogan site is a large, over-intrusion contact metamorphism zone. The volcanic and sedimentary rocks have undergone extensive contact metamorphism; volcanogenic and terrigenous rocks are transformed into quartz-biotite, quartz-sericite hornfels; carbonaceous rocks are either altered into hornfels, or underwent significant graphitisation, and along contacts with intrusive granite domes, quartz-tourmaline and tourmaline hydrothermal rocks of the greisen type are developed.

The graphite rocks of the central zone of the Sarytogan deposit are represented by graphite schists, siltstones and sandstones.

ANZAPLAN has been appointed to carry out advanced mineral processing trials to support the development of the Sarytogan Graphite site.

Based on its vast graphite processing experience, ANZAPLAN will perform test work for process development inluding flake graphite concentration and purification utilizing its advanced graphite processing and evaluation services.