ANZAPLAN – Strategic Partner in a Prospective European Lithium Project

ANZAPLAN is pleased to announce the collaboration with Australian-based Dakota Minerals Ltd. for carrying out metallurgical test work on a lithium pegmatite from the Sepeda deposit, located in the Barroso-Alvão district in Northern Portugal.


Recently announced results from a rock-chip sampling program show lithium values up to 2.8 wt-% from 55 samples being taken from both surface and underground material. Main lithium ore minerals are petalite, subsidiary spodumene, amblygonite and lepidolite.


ANZAPLAN offers a multidisciplinary team of processing engineers, chemists, geoscientists and business economists working together to deliver optimum processing solutions to fulfill the detailed requirements of the lithium consuming industries including chemical (e.g. Li batteries), ceramics and glass industries.