ANZAPLAN presenting at the “Materialforum” in Hanau, Germany

Dorfner ANZAPLAN, a specialist in the development and economic evaluation of high value industrial mineral and strategic metals projects will discuss „ Einfluss der strategischen Minerale und Metalle auf die Produktentwicklung “(Influence of Strategic Minerals and Metals in the Product Development) during the „Materialforum“ in Hanau, Germany October 26, 2015.

The event is organized by the network of competence “Materials Valley e.V.”, which was founded by world leading industrial companies active in the specialty products markets of critical metals, chemicals, electronics, semiconductor, energy, glass and magnets as well as universities, research institutes and governmental institutions to promote technology and industry. The presentation will give examples on product development and strategy affected by the volatile rare metals and minerals markets. Please feel welcome to contact us during the conference and take advantage to discuss the comprehensive range of services offered.

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