ANZAPLAN presented at the Aachen International Mining Symposia 2015

Dorfner ANZAPLAN, a specialist in the development and economic evaluation of high value industrial mineral and strategic metals projects discussed the rising significance of industrial minerals in energy applications during the Aachen International Mining Symposia May 27 – 28, 2015.

This event focused on two interacting thematic areas - mining processes and technology as well as sustainable development of mineral resources and takes place in Aachen since 1987.

Industrialized countries' economies heavily rely on the continuous supply of mineral raw materials. The mining sector world-wide has to improve the mining processes, the technology and the efficiency to cope with the increasing demand of the industrialized countries as well as the emerging markets. The presentation covered supply/demand issues for minerals used in the environment, energy, water treatment, glass and ceramics such as zircon, lithium, boron, quartz and specialty alumina to mention a few. Due to the rising signification of strategic raw materials the response of the participants was excellent.

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