ANZAPLAN partner in pilot plant program of AVALON RARE METALS’ Separation Rapids Lithium Project

ANZAPLAN is pleased to announce the collaboration with Canadian based company AVALON RARE METALS Inc. for sample production of a petalite concentrate from its Separation Rapids Lithium Project in Kenora, Ontario in Canada.

The Separation Rapids property hosts one of the largest “complex-type” rare metal pegmatite deposits in the world. Main lithium bearing ore mineral is petalite, which accounts for 20% to 30% of the minerals. Petalite is a rare mineral used in certain specialty glass–ceramic applications.

Beginning of September 2015 a 30 tonne bulk sample of ore arrived in Germany and process work is now underway. A minimum of 1 tonne of pure lithium mineral concentrate (petalite) will be processed by using the proven flow sheet. The sample material is produced for the following purposes:

  • to deliver further product samples to potential customers in the glass-ceramics industry who have already tested and approved smaller samples;
  • to provide initial test samples to a number of new potential customers; and
  • to generate concentrate for additional process development work with the objective of producing high purity lithium chemical products for the lithium ion battery manufacturing business.

The pilot plant program will be completed and concentrate available for distribution in Q1 2016.

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