ANZAPLAN installs new diffractometer to promote Rietveld analysis

ANZAPLAN has long standing experience in X-ray analysis and was one of the first laboratories in Germany to use both X-ray fluorescence and X-ray diffraction analysis to answer the most intricate questions of our demanding customers from the raw material, glass and ceramics industry. Previously a quantification of mineralogical phases was only possible by a combination of both methods which required time-consuming calibration and sample preparation and made prompt results impossible.

The introduction of Rietveld analysis a few years ago allowed for much faster quantification results. ANZAPLAN has successfully implemented Rietveld analysis for various problems such as e.g. lithium minerals in lithium ore, clinker phases in cement, free lime in blast furnace slag and SiC in refractory materials. The brand new state-of-the-art diffractometer which is being installed in ANZAPLAN’s laboratory will allow us to have much quicker results and to further widen the fields of application of this powerful method.

ANZAPLAN is one of the first commercial service providers in Rietveld analytics and will be accredited with regard to this service in January 2012.