ANZAPLAN hosts the “Deutsche Glastechnische Gesellschaft e.V. (DGG)” workshop on advanced glass analytics

Today analytical services are more and more important for the production of glass. Engineers must decide which raw materials are suited for production, chemists are responsible for the chosen raw materials as well as for the chemical and physical properties of the final products which must be tested and certified according to various international norms.

ANZAPLAN is a certified and accredited partner for every glass manufacturer and we provide our customers with analytical services. For example we monitor the chemical composition for many glass production sites using X-ray fluorescence techniques, trace element analysis like ICP and wet chemical methods for determine the resistance against acids and alkaline solutions. We also are specialized in helping our customers if a production is not working properly, we analyze glass defects and raw materials and report the results as soon as possible.
On 19th May ANZAPLAN is proud to welcome the members of the DGG and we will make our contribution to push the meeting to success.