ANZAPLAN – Graphite Processing for Advanced Applications

ANZAPLAN is pleased to announce the collaboration with Australian based Sovereign Metals Limited for Downstream Application test work for flake graphite concentrate from the Malawi Flake Graphite Project, near the capital city of Lilongwe.

In central Malawi, mineralised graphitic gneisses occur in numerous bands ranging from a few metres to up to one hundred metres thick over many hundreds of kilometres of cumulative strike length. These occur within a thick package of garnet-biotite paragneisses that underlay much of central Malawi.

ANZAPLAN is evaluating the suitability of the Malawi flake graphite for different high value applications. High quality and large flake graphite is sought after as a valuable base material for use in markets such as booming high tech applications including e.g. energy storage (LIB) or in advanced applications which exploit the unique properties of expandable graphite.

For more information, visit the download page for our graphite whitepapers.