ANZAPLAN at the Battery Minerals Week 2018 in Newport Beach

ANZAPLAN is attending the Battery Minerals Week held by Benchmark Mineral Intelligence on October 22nd – 25th, 2018 at the Balboa Bay Resort in Newport Beach, California.

The Battery Minerals Week includes a Graphite + Anodes and a Cathodes event will shed some light on new raw material supply, cathode and anode supply & demand and the pricing situation, as well as plans for megafactories and upcoming and new technologies and trends in the battery sector. The Graphite + Anodes 2018 conference will focus on graphite as main anode material while the Cathodes counterpart will cover the market for lithium, cobalt and nickel serving as feedstock for the production of cathode materials.

Please approach us, we will be happy to schedule a meeting with you to discuss opportunities of possible collaboration.