ANZAPLAN and NETZSCH have jointly developed a new graphite spheroidization setup

ANZAPLAN has an extensive experience in graphite processing as well as know-how regarding requirements and specifications of spherical graphite products. NETZSCH is a world leader in the field of ultra-fine grinding and classifying with a very varied machine program. Both companies have jointly developed a new machinery setup optimized with regard to graphite spheroidization.

With the large scale rotary mills built by NETZSCH, standard setups of 20+ rotary mills can be replaced by e.g. 3 machines – depending on the machine size and desired throughput rate. Using the NETZSCH system not only reduces the footprint by 60% compared to conventional equipment, but also improves efficiency, flexibility and availability. While considerably improving the yield of Spherical Graphite with this new setup, the installed power necessary is 50% less at the same production capacity.

To learn more about the new graphite spheroidization setup, please feel free to contact us, we will be happy to discuss a potential collaboration.

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