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Although vanadium is used in many of the objects we see every day, vanadium is not a well-known metal. Currently, much of the world’s vanadium production is sourced as a by-product of vanadium-bearing magnetite found in ultramafic gabbro bodies. Vanadium is usually extracted from the slag of the titanomagnetite used to produce iron. Some secondary sources of vanadium include petrochemical refinery combustion residues.

Vanadium is a crucial element in many metal alloys. Its main application is to reinforce steel, but it is also used in hundreds of other steel applications. These include heavy equipment, industrial tools, automotive parts, medical devices, ship plates, rail lines, turbine engines, air frames, and military vehicles. Another important application of vanadium is in the green energy storage sector for multi-megawatt energy storage solutions (e.g. Vanadium Redox Flow Battery).

Some of the challenges are to extract vanadium from unconventional sources, e.g. graphite schists, and to tailor efficient processing plants to satisfy the increasing demand. ANZAPLAN offers expert understanding and knowledge on how to extract vanadium from the ore.

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