a lump of high purity quartz
Processing of high purity quartz to ultimate quality
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Impurities and Processing of High Purity Quartz

Specific expertise in geology, chemical analysis and high purity processing are required to convert raw mineral quartz into high purity high-value final product. Depending on the geological setting, fluid and/or mineral inclusions need to be removed by applying tailor-made technology. Remnant hydrothermal fluids from which quartz was formed and many different mineral inclusions occur in raw quartz such as iron oxides, phosphates, silicates and heavy minerals.

Depending on the final quality and value, processing of the raw quartz into high purity quartz involves advanced comminution technology, physical, thermal and chemical steps. Comminution reduces raw quartz to liberate mineral impurities and to required product size. Further physical and chemical steps are needed to separate or dissolve the impurities. For a complete overview about high purity quartz processing at ANZAPLAN please download our brochure “High Purity Quartz Processing”.

Some of our latest developments are presented on the following pages:

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