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Diatomite Pilot Plant Processing

ANZAPLAN uses its in-house technical center for tailor-made process development and to provide samples according to commercial specifications for end user approval. ANZAPLAN’s bench scale and pilot plant processing covers the full diatomite processing value chain from degritting to purification including calcination and classification using standard and alternative processing routes.

The pilot plant processing for diatomite involves the following operations:

  • drying and disagglomeration
  • separation of accompanying minerals during degritting
  • reduction of clay and mica
  • chemical processing depending on raw material quality and application area
  • straight and flux calcination
  • classification into various product grades
  • testing product qualities
  • certification of product qualities by potential customers and appropriate institutes

The processing test products are accompanied by all relevant chemical and physical analyses. Thus, a combination of processing and parallel analysis of all aspects of physical and chemical properties is performed in‑house by ANZAPLAN. The analytical services range from brightness and permeability testing through quantification of released trace elements to diatomite morphology investigation.

Diatomite Processing
A comprehensive range of various classification, sorting, disagglomeration and grinding equipment is available at ANZAPLAN. Upon verification of product quality, pilot plant processing in the technical center is performed to produce 20-200 kg of natural diatomite for use as feed material for further calcination and/or application tests.

Static and rotary furnaces at ANZAPLAN’s technical center are used to test diatomite calcination properties and to optimize the temperature for straight or flux calcining operations. Special attention is paid to the specific by-products which may be used as fillers in the paint industry.

Customer specific refining of diatomite
ANZAPLAN has long-term experience in customer specific diatomite product development. These often require high-value refining to meet very stringent, high-end specifications. Dependent upon the function of diatomite in the customer’s end product, physical or chemical treatments may be performed following calcination. Such developments may lead to pilot plant production which often forms the basis for further research and development by the customer for their own in-house product development.

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