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Diatomite, filtration, paint, processing, deposit, beneficiation


Diatomite is an extremely fine-grained light-colored sedimentary rock. Mainly, it is the consolidated accumulation of microscopic siliceous shell fragments that are the skeletal remains of floating aquatic algae called diatoms.

Refined diatomite’s intricate structural properties provide high porosity and permeability, good absorption and high surface area that, combined with chemical inertness and other attributes, make it commercially versatile and valuable. Filter aids, functional fillers, carriers for active ingredients, lightweight bricks, insulation, and as a source of silica are amongst diatomite’s many uses.

Trace minerals, shape and structure of diatom shell fragments, and chemical purity determine diatomite deposit quality. Processing stages from initial drying, degritting and classification to calcination, flux calcination, disagglomeration, and final classification provide a range of value added product grades.

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