DORFNER Analysenzentrum und Anlagenplanungsgesellschaft mbH
Scharhof 1, 92242 Hirschau
Fon: +49 9622 82-162
Value added chain Raw Material Analysis Exploration Mining Engineering


Being part of the Dorfner Group of Companies, a major producer of kaolin and high quality quartz products, operating several active mines in Germany and Austria, ANZAPLAN is most familiar with mining concepts. A geological model of the deposit, identification of a mining strategy, and deploying the right mining equipment and machinery define the mine concept.

ANZAPLAN provides all the project management needed to create a complete and appropriate mining concept. The qualities defined during the exploration phase will be transferred into a three dimensional mining model. According to the lifetime of the mine and the required qualities, a mining strategy is established.

In addition, together with specialist partner companies, ANZAPLAN provides consulting regarding mine infrastructure requirements that include roads, buildings, water and utilities needed to facilitate mining.