DORFNER Analysenzentrum und Anlagenplanungsgesellschaft mbH
Scharhof 1, 92242 Hirschau
Fon: +49 9622 82-162
Value added chain Raw Material Analysis Exploration Mining Engineering


ANZAPLAN offers on-site sampling and a certified analysis of field samples. Based on the results of field studies and mineralogical and chemical analyses, a first assessment of mineral resource can be derived.

Together with internationally accepted partner companies, ANZAPLAN offers an assessment of mineral reserves using drilling and trenching programs as well as processing tests.

Representative samples of the different ore qualities are collected and processed at our technical center for validation of the required input material with regard to quality of the final product and lifetime of the deposit.

In close collaboration with our specialized in-house analytical team we guarantee the high standard of our chemical and mineralogical assessment, the evaluation of field studies, and certified sample or drill core analyses.